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Training of dogs

Professional dog training in Almaty is a service which is in high demand and considered very useful. The K-9 Training School's proficient team will help to train your pet in all the necessary commands which will make it a good security guard. The training at K-9 will be provided by experienced instructors who have been trained in the best cynological centers of Europe. Depending on requirements and the wishes of owners, it will be possible to select the following course options for training:

"City Dog" and "City Dog-2"

"Obedience Programme", during which conditioned reflexes to the most common commands will be worked on. Also, the service dog will learn how to quickly and correctly pass the obstacle course.

"Protective dog training". Our cynologists teach a pet to react correctly and quickly to situations dangerous for the owner, also teaching him to protect the house and other valuable skills.

Training of Hunting dogs.

Sports training for dogs in various activities; which include; frisbee play, dog agility, etc.

Training of dogs for exhibitions

For many people animals are not only pets, but also a professional hobby that can generate a profit and provide satisfaction. For this reason, the training of dogs for exhibitions is a service in high demand. When aapplying for help to the experienced specialists of the K-9 Training School in Almaty, you will not have to worry about your four-legged pet's readiness for such a responsible event. If your dog needs fast and effective preparation for the exhibition, we will deal with the task to the highest level.

Training to become a Professional Cynologist in the K-9 Academy

Making the right choice of a profession is an important step on the way to a successful lifelong career. The cynological academy of the K-9 center in Almaty will help you obtain an education in the sphere of pet training. The course is divided into theoretical and practical parts, the first part is conducted on Skype at a convenient time for clients.

As a result of passing the cynological course, the student receives a certificate endorsing their qualification. This grants them the right to work as a professional dog trainer in Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan.

Dog fitness

Fitness is not only an integral part of a healthy life for a man, but also for four-legged pets. Activities specially designed for the animal enable dogs to develop physically and be more active. All the residents of Almaty have a unique opportunity to solve the health problems of their pets, assisted by the professionals of our center.

Visiting our cynological center, you can find a variety of sport activities for animals to suit every taste:

Special programmes for dogs of various weight categories: from puppies to elderly dogs.

Programmes aimed at addressing specific animal health problems, such as overweight pets or rehabilitation after injuries.

Programmess for general health promotion, which improve the tone and build muscle mass.

*Relaxing procedures, including a pool for four-legged pets.

Within our dog training center K-9 in Almaty, it is possible to enrich and improve the life of each and every dog!

Pet Hotel

On occasion you may need to go away for a trip, and there is no one to leave your pet with. Even one day of absence from the owner can become stressful for the animal, not to mention practical issues such as his need for food and exercise. For such life situations the cynological center K-9 has created a special place, the "K-9 Pet Hotel" for four-legged pets. The prices to use this facility are the best in Almaty.

This specially equipped hotel for pets in Almaty offers a variety of options for its guests;

Economy class accommodation: which offers open-air cages, complete with a plank bed and a booth.

Elite class accommodation: which is located inside a separate room with enclosed areas for the pet. The hotel space is well ventilated, heated and supplemented with a comfortable dog bed.

For decorative breeds of dogs, birds and cats there is also a special room. You will be pleased with our reasonable pricing.

For particularly demanding customers, the "President Lux" was created. It has all the best facilities for pets; a comfortable bed, an additional heating radiator, a P2P web camera (thanks to which the owner can constantly monitor the condition and behavior of his pet), a TV that broadcasts special movies and videos from the DogTV channel. The price for such a luxury is somewhat higher, but the conditions of your pet's stay make it worth the cost.

For cats, the hotel has also prepared suitable living conditions. You can leave your fluffy kitten in the cages consisting of the 2 and 3 levels. They are located in a room with an air- conditioner.

Our unique hotel in Almaty will become a cozy and warm temporary house for every pet!

Pet shop

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