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Training of dogs in Almaty

Школа дрессировки в АлматыOur team "K - 9 Training" (training school in Almaty) consists of experience instructors, who passed education in the best European Canine Centers, and young perspective cynologists who will train Your dog to work, regarding of Your desires and necessities.

We offer you the training in the following directions:

  • обучение собакDog training course "Guided towny dog" (get description)
  • General training (making of pavlovian reflexes on commands "Come", "Heel", "Down", "Lie", "Stand", "Place", "Off", overcoming obstacle line);
  • protective-guarding service (development of active-defensive behavior reaction ("spite"), training to detention and fight against a man, guard of house, car);
  • training of hunting dogs;
  • sport types of training (agility, frisbee, etc.).

Дрессировка собак в АлматыOur instructors along with the classic, tested "soviet" methods of training, use the most modern innovative methodologies based on the theory of the "operant teaching".

We recommend three basic methods of dog training. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Contact us, and we will choose an optimal method for your dog.

1. An owner visits a ground and studies together with a dog. The process of dog training carries on the specially-equipped territory. The owner of dog not only presents at dog training but also takes an active part in this process. Thus, a cynologist teaches the owner to give commands correctly and to co-operate with his favourites. The owner studies training rules in practice, so our specialists correct the behavior of the owner first, and then the dog's. In this way, the main objective of this form of work is not only training of dog but also teaching of the owner to correct handling and understanding of it.

Общий курс дрессировки2. An owner visits a ground, but dog training is mainly conducted by our instructor.

At this method of training all necessary actions are conducted by our instructor, working off the basic skills of training. The owner takes part only at completion of working off a skill. So in this case the owner is anymore an observer, than a trainer - accordingly, dog management skills develop insignificantly.

3. The owner fully hands over a dog, and, after a while, takes away already trained dog.

Натаска охотничьих собакSuch training supposes that the owner gives a pet to our instructors on the long term (for 1-3 months). During this time a team "K-9 Training" will produce necessary skills for the dog, and on completion of training will conduct with the owner 5 classes for developing dog management skills.

We are glad to offer you our services in dogs training NOW in Astana and Shymkent!

Training of dogs of any breed.


Our instructors, regarding Your desire, will train "good manners" to your dog or, vice versa - train "skills of self-defense", during the residence of Your pets in zoohotel!







"K - 9 Training Almaty" educated pets - satisfied owners!

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