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Therapy: post surgery care and health resumption

therapyWas your dog or cat heavily ill or undergo a difficult operation? Now, after an releasing from a veterinary clinic, a permanent care for complete recovery is required, and you, as ill luck would have it, have a "rush" at work and chief even does not want to hear about extra days off?

therapy1Who will be able to provide the timely care of a dog and carrying out procedures?

К- 9 Therapy is a new direction of our activity. We have opened it after the frequent requests of our clients to "shelter" their pets in К- 9 Hotel after surgery in vet clinics. Dogs were already acquainted with the terms of residence, personnel and felt like at home.

At first did we had some fears: will we manage, can we provide the necessary level of sterility and timeliness of realization of procedures? But, since the first patients of К-9 Therapy released quite up and about, putting on weight, with a happy ringing bark meeting the owners - our doubts fell off! In fact there is nothing better, than to see the four-legged "client" safe and sound!

therapy2We undertake caring about four-legged clients on the period of post surgery resumption and we will provide them the best conditions for the quickest recovery!

К- 9 Therapy - we will put your four-legged friends on paws!


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