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Pet hotel for dogs and cats in Almaty

Отель для собак и кошек в АлматыOur service offers the best hotel for pets in Almaty. The comfortable rooms in boarding for your dog will be surrounded by care and attention and you can watch them through P2P webcam (the owner of dog can do day and night surveillance from any point of the world). We are glad to announce to the most sophisticated clients about service of placing in the superior room "President Lux" type. A room is equipped with the special deck-chair, additional radiator and TV with the set of the special films (video from the DogTV).

Our team constantly works to satisfy the truth of the slogan "K-9 Hotel Almaty is the place, where your pets want to return"!

Гостиница для собакYou can accommodate the dogs in the different type of cages, taking into account habitual for Your favorites conditions.

Our hotel offers:

  1. Keeping in the open-air cages, located outside with a booth and deck-chair ("economy" class);
  2. Keeping in the enclosed type cages, located inside in an individual apartment with ventilation, heating and deck-chair, with possibility of outside dog walking ("elite" class);
  3. Individual keeping of decorative dogs, cats and birds in a separate apartment (VIP);
  4. Twice-a-day feeding with professional dry forage or freshly cooked meat porridges at your desire (price settles separately, depending on a type of pet food).

Передержка в Алматы

Our four-footed clients additionally get:

  • Daily exercise (2 times per day for 20 minutes);
  • House-specialty lunch from the chef of zoohotel in the day of checking out - at placing for the term of more than 21 days.




"Cat house" offers the comfort keeping of your cats in 2 and 3 level cages in a separate apartment with a conditioner, 24 hours video supervision and individual care. A capacity of the "Cat house" is only 6 cages, therefore book it beforehand!


K-9 Hotel Almaty - place, where your pets want to return!

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