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Academy: education of cynologists

Обучение кинологовIn order to be a professional cynologists you have to pass specialized education. Unfortunately, there are not so many possibilities for this in our country: either studying during 4 years term in the department of Cynology of Academy of Frontier service of NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan with further military service at least for 10 years or educating in the specialized Cynology Centers of police and customs (for this purpose it is necessary to be on state service).

Обучение кинологов в АлматыBut what should the others do? That should the enormous amount of amateurs- cynologists do, who want to know all "tricks of the trade" of favorite occupation and try themselves on the professional field?

Exactly for that category of people "K-9 Academy" conducts on-line education on the courses of preparation of cynologists on the most modern programs and methodologies used for preparation of officers-cynologists in Academy of Frontier service of NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Courses consist of two parts: to the theory (conducted on Skype twice in a week from 20.30 to 22.00, as a rule, on Tuesdays and Thursdays), that lasts 3-3,5 month, and practice.

кинологическая академияExamination passes on К-9 and includes theoretical questions and term paper. In case of the successful passing over of theory a listener is admitted to practice. If a listener does not pass over a theory, then another chance is given to him in 2 weeks. If the exam is not passed again – he will be expelled from courses.

Practice takes place after completion the theory and must be conducted during a semi year after examination on a theory (the exact date of beginning of practical employments is determined collectively on examination on a theory). Practice passes on territory of К- 9 from 10.00 to 14.00 every day during a month (24 workdays). A dog is given out on К-9. The task practical lessons - to teach a listener to train the dog, using all well-known methods of training. On examination on practice the skills of listener, but not the dog's reflexes are checked up.

анатомия собакиTheoretical classes are conducted by Andrey Korkin, master's degree of pedagogic, colonel in reserve of FS NSC RK, former deputy chief of department of Cynology of Academy of Frontier service of NSC RK (well-known as Alma-Ata Frontier school). Work experience - more than 25 years.

Practical classes are conducted by Anatoliy Zelenin, senior К-9 instructor-trainer, work experience more than 20 years.

Examination takes place after finishing the practical classes. In case of successful examination - a certificate about passing of educating and qualification "cynologist-trainer" is given out.

"K-9 Academy" Your "winning ticket" into professional cynology!


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