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Address: village Kyrgauyldy,
st. Tau Samaly
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Grooming in Almaty

groomingWe offer the wide range of grooming services both on our base and call out basis:



  • hair-cutting of dogs;
  • a hair-cutting of cats;
  • trimmimg;
  • bathing;
  • decorative wool painting;
  • cleaning of ears, clipping;
  • and others
grooming2 grooming1

grooming3It is possible to take separate Service or in COMPLEX (a hair-cutting\trimming; bathing; cleaning of ears and clipping).

There are discounts for the clients of К-9 Hotel at a check out and using grooming services!
We do not use sedative and other medical drugs.

We use a professional cosmetic that is SAFE for your favourites!

"K - 9 Grooming" well-groomed pet is an addition to Your style!




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