Address: village Kyrgauyldy,
st. Tau Samaly
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Basic principles of our work:

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We offer the complex services for a home pet in our zoohotel, where experience specialists provide a professional care of a pet in a time of your absence.


You can easily rely on our team of professionals —
we work in the industry for fourlegged friends’ services more than 8 years!




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  • Один день из жизни кинолога центра К-9

    Один день из жизни кинолога центра К-9

    О безграничной верности четвероногих друзей он знает лучше, чем кто-либо. Один его взгляд — и команда «сидеть» выполняется беспрекословно. Журналисты Vox Populi провели один день с кинологом центра К-9 Анатолием Карюшиным и познакомились со всеми обитателями тренировочной площадки.

  • «Реальная защита» или «кошачьи игры»?

    «Реальная защита» или «кошачьи игры»?

    Все чаще мы слышим фразу «реальная защита». Многие хотят заниматься реальной защитой; другие думают, что ею занимаются; но есть и такие кто, извиняюсь за тавтологию, реально занимается «реальной защитой». Что же все-таки содержит в себе понятие «реальная защита» и как над ней работать?
  • Краткое эссе о защитной службе

    Краткое эссе о защитной службе

    Человек приручил собаку еще в эпоху мезолита – 10 тысяч лет назад. Приручил для того, чтобы она защищала и помогала на охоте, чтобы иметь рядом живое оружие, которое можно всегда обратить против врага.
  • Мондьоринг


    Мондьоринг — вид спорта, в котором принимают участие дрессированные собаки. В переводе на русский язык означает Всемирный ринг.


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    We are glad to announce to the most sophisticated clients about service of placing in the superior room "President Lux" type. A room is equipped with the special deck-chair, additional radiator, P2P Web camera and TV with the set of the special films (video from the DogTV).
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    Pet Shop
    Our pet-shop in Almaty offers the optimal spectrum of commodities for dogs: different forage from economy class and up to the category super premium, including medical, nutrient additives, vitamins, accessories, stuff for care and maintenance of dogs.
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    Our team «К-9 Training» consists of experience instructors, who passed education in the best European Canine Centers, and young perspective cynologists who will train Your dog to work, regarding of Your desires and necessities.
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    Exactly for that category of people «К-9 Academy» conducts on-line education on the courses of preparation of cynologists on the most modern programs and methodologies used for preparation of officers-cynologists in Academy of Frontier service of NSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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    К-9 Therapy is a new direction of our activity. We have opened it after the frequent requests of our clients to "shelter" their pets in К- 9 Hotel after surgery in vet clinics. Dogs were already acquainted with the terms of residence, personnel and felt like at home.
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    We offer the wide range of grooming services both on our base and call out basis: hair-cutting of dogs, a hair-cutting of cats, trimmimg, bathing, decorative wool painting, cleaning of ears, clipping, and others.
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    Such a popular means of transportation as taxi became evaluable for dogs. In fact for our four-legged friends, as well as people, often need to move either on a city or countryside.
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Our team


К-9 Managing Director

Work activity management of team of like-minded K-9 colleagues, the main objective of which is to provide the complex approach for the care of Your Pets!


Deputy Director

Development and perfection of pets training system on all official and applied directions. Provision the wide assortment of equipment and accoutrement for the professional training and sport.


Zoohotel Manager

Quality control of Pets maintenance, tactful guidance of personnel is a basis of coordinated work of the hotel resort and provision of comfort conditions for your home favorites.


The chief instructor-trainer

Conducting all types of dog training on official and applied directions, "training" of hunting dogs and sport training.